Rafael Bueno Peluqueros - INFALIBLE 2019 – Bild 1 / 5

INFALIBLE is a collection inspired by naturalness. Ponytails featuring waves, curls or semi-collected hair, are just some of the looks that make up this collection. The headdresses and accessories are a fundamental part of the presentation of this image where vintage pieces once again play a vital role, evoking the jewellery made by the master craftsmen of Paris in the early 20th Century.

Peluquería: Rafael Bueno @Rafael Bueno Peluqueros
Ayudante Peluquería: Moyses Utrera
Fotografía: Juan Trujillo
Retouch: Juan Trujillo
Maquillaje: Ariadna Caparrós
Vestidos: Helena Mareque y Valenzuela
Modelos: Natalia González y María Aguilera
Tocados: Martina Dorta
Coordinación y estilismo: Rodolfo Mcartney