Capricorn in the Full Moon

Capricorn in full moon

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The Full Moon

Medicinal herbs have the highest potency at this time and should therefore be collected at this time. The moon interacts with uptake and release, so only your hairdresser/cosmetologist (who is familiar with the lunar rhythm) can say what is right for your hair and skin at this time. An analysis of your hair and skin will determine whether your hair or skin needs moisture or nutrients.

Capricorn days in general

All skin and nail care measures are particularly beneficial today.



Capricorn at full moon


A very good time for face masks and hair treatments, as skin nourishment works very well today. This day is especially good for your hand care. (massage and cream)


It is also a very good time to care for your foot and fingernails.


For beauty care, ointments can be made today and bottled the following day. Additionally, it is a good day to collect and apply medicinal herbs (roots). (preferably at night)