Scorpio in the waxing Moon

Scorpio in the waxing Moon

Skorpion im zunehmenden MondGeneral data

The waxing moon

Especially during this time, the body and hair absorb restorative, strengthening and healing substances very well. This time stands for relaxation, strengthening and recovery.

Scorpio days in general

Scorpio days are water days and are particularly good for treating the skin and hair with moisture-retaining substances.



Scorpio in the waxing moon


Hair grows faster on a waxing moon! So cut your hair today if you want fast growing hair! Tints and hair colours last well today.


Today is a good time to give your skin and hair some healing care, as healing and beauty baths are in full effect today. (packs)


It is also a very good time to care for toenails and fingernails. Correction of ingrown fingernails and toenails is also successful.


Invigorating massages are also very effective.


Today is a good day to gather and use medicinal herbs (leaves).