Leo in the waning moon

Leo in the waning moon

Löwe im abnehmenden MondGeneral data

The waning moon

At this time the body as well as the skin and hair are in top form. Everything is very hard-wearing and all changes (tints, perms, colours, etc.) are successful. It is only very important to rinse everything out again very well, because at this time everything that has to do with detoxification and purification also works great.

Lion days in general

You should take in a lot of moisture.



Leo in the waning moon


Today is a very good day to cut your hair if you want it to grow back thicker and slower.


Today is very suitable for deep cleansing of skin and hair (additionally apply a moisturising pack).


Relaxing massages are also very effective.
An aphrodisiac bath will awaken desire and passion.


In addition, it is a good day to gather and use medicinal herbs (fruits).
Herbal pillows should be made today.