Sagittarius in the waning moon

Sagittarius in the waning moon

Schütze im abnehmenden MondGeneral data

The waning moon

At this time the body as well as the skin and hair are in top form. Everything is very hard-wearing and all changes (tints, perms, colours, etc.) are successful. It is only very important to rinse everything out very well, because at this time everything that has to do with detoxification and purification is also very successful.

Protective days in general

The turning point between descending and uplifting power



Sagittarius in the waning moon


You can get a haircut today, hair grows slower in the waning moon!


Today is very suitable for deep cleansing of skin and hair.


It is also a very good time to care for the foot and fingernails. Correcting ingrown fingernails and toenails is also successful.
Today ingrown nails should be pulled.


You can especially enjoy an aphrodisiac bath with gentle massage for an intense body feeling.

Medicinal herbs

Collect and dry medicinal herbs and make a herbal pillow.