Pisces in the waning moon

Pisces in the waning moon

Fische im abnehmenden Mond

General data

The waning moon

At this time the body as well as the skin and hair are in top form. Everything is very hard-wearing and all changes (tints, perms, colours, etc.) are successful. It is only very important to rinse everything out again very well, because at this time everything that has to do with detoxification and purification also works great.

Pisces days in general

A good day to stop bad habits. Foot baths and foot reflex zone massages with the appropriate essences are particularly beneficial.



Pisces in the waning moon


Today is a great day for flat and tight hairstyles.
Hair grows slower in the waning moon!


Today is great for deep cleansing of skin and hair.


Don't forget the right care when cleansing your skin and hair intensively!


Today is particularly effective for relaxing baths and massages as well as relaxation exercises.


A very good day to make a herbal pillow.